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DOLL$BOXX is a japanese rock band formed by the union of Gacharic Spin and FUKI from the band LIGHT BRINGER.

They released their debut album, DOLLS APARTMENT, in 12.12.12.


FUKI - vocals

* Birthday: July 9
* Blood tpye: O
* Hobby: Reading, watching detective doramas, mahjong
* Special skill: Sewing
* Favourite/Least favourite food: Bamboo shoot, strings from scallop shell / Nashi pear
* Favourite color: Chartreuse, orange
* Favourite phrase: 「何のことですか?」 (Nani no koto desu ka?, "What are you talking about?")
* Childhood dream: Mangaka
* Influenced by: Kuroneko (Onmyo-za), ASKA (CHANGE&ASKA)
* Bands she played in: LIGHT BRINGER, Unlucky Morpheus

F Chopper KOGA - bass

* Birthday: December 12
* Blood tpye: O
* Hobby: Dog walking
* Special skill: Sleep anywhere
* Favourite/Least favourite food: Bread / Shellfish
* Favourite color: Yellow
* Favourite phrase: 「ねぇーねぇー」 (???)
* Childhood dream: Flight attendant
* Influenced by: Primus
* Bands she played in: THE PINK☆PANDA, Heian, Gacharic Spin
* She was a gravure idol (released 3 photobooks and one picture DVD [featured in 3 other DVD])

TOMO-ZO - guitar

* Birthday: September 10
* Blood tpye: A
* Hobby: Reading
* Special skill: Make funny faces
* Favourite/Least favourite food: Sweets / Fresh coriander
* Favourite color: Pink
* Favourite phrase: 「たしかに!」 (Tashika ni!, "Surely")
* Childhood dream: Singer
* Influenced by: JUDY AND MARY
* Bands she played in: Eu Phoria, Gacharic Spin

Hana - drummer (and mai waifu)

* Birthday: April 16
* Blood tpye: O
* Hobby: Sleeping, aroma (???)
* Special skill: Moonwalk
* Favourite/Least favourite food: Rice / Salmon with green peas
* Favourite color: Black, pastel color
* Favourite phrase: 「わりとね~」 (Wari to ne~, ???)
* Childhood dream: to be not so cool (???)
* Influenced by: Pantera
* Bands she played in: Precoci (1998–1999), 12. Hitoe (2000–2003), Heian (2004–2006), Armeria (2005–2008), The Spade 13 (2007–2009), Gacharic Spin (2009– )

Oreo Reona - keyboards

* Birthday: November 10
* Blood tpye: O
* Hobby: Watching movies
* Special skill: Delusions
* Favourite/Least favourite food: Mango, Ebi chili / Fresh coriander, carottes glacées
* Favourite color: Red, white, purple
* Favourite phrase: 「ちょっと!」 (Chotto!, "Just a minute!")
* Childhood dream: to be one of the guardian fairies of monster Mothra (lol)
* Influenced by: Deep Purple
* Bands she played in: Eu Phoria, Gacharic Spin


DOLL$BOXX - Loud Twin Stars [PV]

DOLL$BOXX - Merrily High Go Round [PV]

DOLL$BOXX - Take My chance [PV]

DOLL$BOXX - Monopoly [PV]

DOLL$BOXX - Rourupureinguraifu [PV]

"Take My chance" is nice :-)


DOLL$BOXX - Karakuri Town [PV]

Remember how to forget

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