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I started playing Dofus .... like, 8 years ago? If not more. I loved the game. I had loads of fun even when I was playing f2p, meeting a lot of people on the begginer's maps, especially around Asturb, and everyone was happy to lend a hand. The game seemed perfect to me. But then I stopped playing for several years, due to school and other stuff. Then, 2 years ago, I came back to this game and I have been playing it rarely because of what I have seen once I came back. First few maps, like Asturb outskirts and Creakrocks territories devoid of anyone, people who are in the game seem to be 100+ lvl only, I have met only 1 person to whom I could talk, and despite me being subscribed for a long time, I haven't seen many people. The prices are..... okay, but some of the builds that I found online are ridiculous. Like, change your set every 10 levels? How am I supposed to do that?

Please help.


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