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Dir en grey
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Dir en grey is a Japanese Visual-Kei band, formed in 1997 and went major in 1999. Yoshiki of X Japan produced their early singles which were later compiled in the album GAUZE) and since then they have been composing and managing their works on their own. Consisting of Kyo on vocals, Kaoru and Die on guitar, Toshiya on bass, and Shinya on drums, the band became an overnight sensation.
Clothing Style:
Originally their style was Visual-Kei, but later on, they settle down for a vaguely visual style. They drastically change their look with the release of each album. Most of the outfits from their Visual Kei-era are extremely elaborate, and as Kaoru claims in an English interview for Newgrave gothic magazine, he made his outfits elaborate on purpose to make it more challenging for cosplayers, or a costume player, to imitate the look.


Dir en grey was formed by former members of an indie band, La:Sadies, formed in the late 1995/early 1996. After parting ways with La:Sadies' bassist, KISAKI, the remaining of the band recruitted Toshiya (previously in D+L) and together they form Dir en grey. Kisaki has since gone and be involved in several indies projects, including KISAKI Project, Syndrome, Mirage, and now Phantasmagoria.
They released their first mini-album MISSA in 1997, followed by the release of GAUZE in 1999, MACABRE in 2000, and Kisou in 2002. These albums had a strong visual theme to them, and although it is easy to see the progression of the band's psyche across the tracks, they were still a settled style.
A shock came in 2002, with Dir en grey releasing six Ugly, six 'ugly' tracks of American styled music, but still with the faint undertones of Dir en grey's typical vocal lines in the choruses and bridges. Dir en grey's next album, VULGAR, was released in September 2003, with the lead track, OBSCURE, heading back towards the original style. They released a single album titled THE FINAL, in 2004 which included four songs- THE FINAL, INCREASE BLUE, RED...[em], and The IIID Empire -in which the last three songs are live covers from their Osaka Kouseinenkin Kaikan concert on October 26, 2003.
Despite no longer being visual, Dir en grey still surprises people with each album - moving from hard tracks such as Pink Killer and Filth, to rock ballads such as Mushi or 24ko Cylinder, and then onto tracks such as Mr.NEWSMAN with profound lyrics, but a heart wrenching vocal bridge, or umbrella with its catchy chorus.
On March 9, 2005 Dir en grey released their seventh album, Withering to Death. This album consisted of fourteen tracks, two of which were previousily released singles, -Saku- and THE FINAL. The sound of this album was different than anything Dir en grey had released consisting of the vocalist, Kyo, mostly screaming and the music harder than Dir en grey's usual style. This album left many fans wondering what new things Dir en grey was to attempt next and many began to believe that Dir en grey was heading for a more western heavy metal sound, moving away from their original style on GAUZE and earlier released music.
The later months of 2005 began with Dir en grey setting out to conquer the European music world. On May 28 Dir en grey did their first European live in Berlin, Germany. The title was TOUR05 It withers and withers. They planned a number of lives throughout Europe consisting of Germany, France, and Belgium. Still touring, now to move onto TOUR05 It withers and withers in Paris, France on July 24th and OCTOPUS ROCK FESTIVAL in Nivells, Belgium on July 29th; Dir en grey has made a name for themselves throughout Europe. We can only hope now that they will conquer the United States of America and other countries as well.
Free will has announced that they will be releasing Dir en grey's recent album Withering to Death at the end of October in France, Germany and the United States. The album will not be the normal Japanese version but a specially modified version made especially for release outside of Japan. The non-Japan version will include full lyric translation in French, German and English, and a DVD bonus PV (PV depending on country release either THE FINAL, -Saku- or Kodou). The price is planned to be less than 15 euros/dollars and the CDs will be sold in regular CD stores as the new release is targeted towards new and future fans rather than existing Dir en grey fans.
Starting March 2006 the band is on tour in America with the rock band KORN. In May they return to Europe (Berlin, Koln, German Festivals).


Including mini-albums
1997.02.25 - MISSA
1999.07.28 - GAUZE
2000.09.20 - MACABRE
2002.01.30 - Kisou
2002.07.31 - six Ugly
2003.09.10 - VULGAR
2005.03.09 - Withering to Death
2007.02.07 - The Marrow of a Bone

1998.05.10 - JEALOUS
1998.08.12 - -I'll-
1999.01.20 - Yurameki
1999.01.20 - -ZAN- (?-ZAN-)
1999.01.20 - Akuro no Oka
1999.05.26 - Cage
1999.07.14 - Yokan
2000.02.16 - Myak
2000.06.07 - [Kr] cube
2000.07.26 - Taiyou no Ao
2001.04.18 - ain't afraid to die
2001.09.12 - FILTH
2001.11.14 - JESSICA
2001.12.19 - embryo
2002.07.31 - Child prey
2003.01.22 - DRAIN AWAY
2003.04.23 - Kasumi
2004.03.17 - THE FINAL
2004.07.14 - -Saku-
2005.09.21 - Clever Sleazoid
2006.07.26 - Ryoujoku no Ame
2006.11.15 - Agitated Screams of Maggots

2001.08.22 - KAI

2001.08.22 - TOUR 00>>01 MACABRE
2001.10.31 - 1999 Nen 12 Gatsu 18 Nichi Osakajo Hall
2001.10.31 - GAUZE-62045-
2002.03.20 - Kimon
2003.05.21 - Rettou Gekishin Angya Final 2003 5 Ugly KINGDOM
2004.10.06 - TOUR04 THE CODE OF VULGAR[ism] (Regular Edition)
2004.10.06 - TOUR04 THE CODE OF VULGAR[ism] (Limited Edition)
2005.06.29 - Average Fury
2005.07.27 - Average Psycho
2006.05.03 - Tour05 It Withers and Withers (Regular Edition)
2006.05.03 - Tour05 It Withers and Withers (Limited Edition)

Dir en grey on
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