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Old 6th December 2014   #951
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Originally Posted by BlackCross View Post
Okay, that's really weird.
Only if you assume that if a man is a great historical personality and a genius it means he is perfect from all points of view and flawless.

Spoiler for :
He did give a sound advice here either way
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It is one of the fallacious concepts that man is free. Of course, man is free to choose, but when he chooses he is already in confusion. When you see something very clearly, then you do not choose. Please look at this fact in yourselves. When you see something very clearly, where is the necessity of choice? There is no choice. It is only a confused mind that chooses, that says, 'This is right, this is wrong, I must do this because it is right,' and so on, not a clear precise mind that sees directly. For such a mind there is no choice. You see, we say that we choose and therefore we are free. That is one of the absurdities we have invented, but we are not basically free at all. We are conditioned, and it requires an enormous understanding of this conditioning to be free. (J. Krishnamurti)
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