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Old 20th June 2013   #11
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Originally Posted by Revolt View Post
Gamers:"fuck you M$ you suck and we hate you."
And that's what you get for being a shitty market strategist
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Old 21st June 2013   #12
raging lunacy
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M$ didn't change that because the gamers whined, they changed it because of what Sony did.
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Old 21st June 2013   #13
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But I really liked Family Plan thing form M$, it seems it will be no longer available after all the changes. Well at least they tried to innovate their business model by offering a new kind of "experience" - ooh fuck how I hate this word. Especially a gaming conferences: "best experience only on our platform" and " exclusive content on our platform".


Well after a little of research it seems that this Family Plan was a lie, so screw M$ they can go to hell! Family Plan e ca Time Trial Full Game for 1 hour. Mde M$ chiar ascunde multe de la consumatori. Nici nu stii ce va mai fi cu consola lor, another RRoD Failure ? This will be the end of Xbox Division.
"Nihil Verum, Omnia Licita."

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Old 26th June 2013   #14
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Nu cred ca va fi sfarsitul la Xbox dar se pare ca viitaore generatie PS are avans mare !

Thread is closed as not to double the new one. We kindly welcome you to continue here: (ECEHuH)
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