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Jordan Howard - Signed through 2019 - I’ve made my personal thoughts on Howard clear in our WCG Offseason Roundtables , but even though I’d like to see him stay, my gut tells me the Chicago Bears will look to move him this offseason. However, with only one year left on his contract, that may lower the potential draft pick return. Ultimately it may be best to let him ride out his contract and have him do what he does best for the Bears in 2019 as they try to get to a Super Bowl.Howard played 58% of the snaps on offense (624) in 2018, which was up slightly from 2017 when his 578 snaps checked in at 58.4%, but his total touches decreased from 299 a year ago to 270 this season. What Howard “lacks” as a pass catcher, he makes up for with being a skilled pass blocker. Howard may not be a perfect fit, but Nagy found a way to utilize him. Tarik Cohen - Signed through 2020 - Cohen is the most dangerous playmaker on the Bears.Teams have to game-plan for him when he’s on the field because he’ll line up all over the offense. Check out this passage from the January 3rd New York Times. Cohen already has several nicknames, but I like that Ric Flair inspired one the best. Head coach Matt Nagy talked about how disappointing it was in their wild card game that they only got Cohen 4 touches on offense. That can’t happen again. For a little perspective, that was the fewest offensive touches he had in a game all season. Among Cohen’s 495 offensive snaps, 175 came from somewhere other than the backfield. No other running back had more that that and I’d expect his versatility to grow even more in 2019. Benny Cunningham - Free agent - Cunningham was a key special teamer, but I don’t think that’s enough to get him another contract for next season. Taquan Mizzell - Signed through 2019 - Mizzell was an explosive athlete in college Tom Waddle Color Rush Jersey , but that hasn’t translated during his Bears’ career. His versatility allows him to play running back and split out as a receiver, but I think the Bears would be wise to find an upgrade as their number three running back. Ryan Nall - Signed a reserve/future deal - I was surprised that Nall didn’t change positions last offseason as the 6’2”, 232 pounder is about the same size as tight end Trey Burton, and he played some H-Back in college. He’s also not as quick an athlete for the prototypical tailback in this system, but he is a good receiver out of the backfield. I’m interested to see how he’s used this offseason.Michael Burton - Free agent - The Bears didn’t always have a full back active, it was more on a match-up basis. He only played in 8 games, with 49 snaps on offense and another 50 on special teams. While I’m a proponent of using a fullback, I doubt Burton will be back.2019 OUTLOOK - One way or another the Bears will add a more versatile running back to the roster in 2019. I’d be completely fine with Howard, Cohen and a new number three that will eventually take over if (when) Howard leaves via free agency after next season. While it’s possible they add a scheme fit guy in free agency, don’t expect that guy to be very expensive like Tevin Coleman. General manager Ryan Pace has had some success finding quality backs in the later rounds,so don’t be surprised to see him spend a pick on day three. Also don’t rule out an undrafted free agent or two coming to camp. I don’t want to say running backs are a dime a dozen, but these days you can find players that will contribute immediately as rookies. We’ll get in-depth on some running back draft prospects here at WCG in the coming weeks Sam Acho Jersey , so stay tuned. Also, expect the Bears to thoroughly examine the possibility of signing Kareem Hunt whether we like it or not. They may ultimately decline, but when none of the three key members of the origination shoots down the idea of signing him, you can bet they’ll discuss if his talent is worth the potential PR headache. The good news is that the team is already in a solid place. The bad news is that barring a trade, Ryan Pace will not draft until the third round, and the Bears have a number of big contracts coming up. This means that options for the Bears to improve are suddenly limited. To that end, Windy City Gridiron has been discussing what the top priorities for the Bears should be between this season and next. For first part addressed lesser priorities.Now it’s time for what the contributors and the community identified as the real problem areas. Before going on, however, it’s necessary to quote Lester Wiltfong to get some perspective: “In my opinion the top 3 priorities for the Bears aren’t very critical to the team’s success. This is a young team that is still ascending, and as long as they continue to draft and develop well, they’ll be able to overcome any free agent losses.”With that context out of the way, here are the top two priorities for the Bears to be able to sustain their success. #2: Defensive BackThis was an unpopular choice among the community , with cornerbacks and safeties together garnering only 5% of the vote. Part of that probably has to do with the quality of the secondary as it exists. The problem, of course, is that it might not exist on that level for long. This might be why it was one of the top concerns among the contributors.Concerns over Adrian Amos and Bryce Callahan both being free agents next season jumped this position group into second place as a priority. Here is what we had to say about the position.Lester said this about what he called the top priority for the team in the offseason: Callahan is undoubtedly one of Ryan Pace’s best finds, and the fact that he was brought in as an undrafted free agent makes his addition to the team all the more enjoyable (and finding him all the more impressive). Many agreed with Lester, and Erik offered the following analysis: This lead him to assign the defensive back position the second-highest priority overall.Meanwhile, WhiskeyRanger disagreed, but not when it came to priorities. Instead, while he felt that cornerback was the second-highest need, he offered this bit of wisdom:Andrew Link, on the other hand, thought that the secondary was the single most important area of emphasis. I like the secondary the Bears have put together, and simply keeping it together should give them a solid foundation for the future.#1: Offensive Line60% of those polled felt that either tackle or guard was the spot that most needed attention in the offseason. Most of the contributors felt that one of these two positions (or some other area of the line) was one of the top two priorities for the team. In other words Danny Trevathan Color Rush Jersey , there is general agreement that the O-line needs work soon.The man who writes Sackwatch offered the following thoughts: Like Lester, Andrew Link thought that the O-line was the second-highest priority, although he chose to focus on the right side: WhiskeyRanger was even more worried about the line, calling it the top priority: It is probably not surprising that our resident optimist, ECD, thought that the line was at a lower priority, and he provided reason for hope: Those are our thoughts on the what the Bears need to sustain their success. What are yours?
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