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Old 10th July 2012   #21
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Sorry if I generalized too much. Personally, I feel disgusted by yaoi, but that's not why I wrote everything. I've lived in US for years now and ALL (really, ALL (no exception)) I've seen are anifags which like to show just how pathetic they look/are. Went to a couple of anime club meetings and unfortunately what's been seen cannot be unseen (going for both shitty yaoi, furfagotry "art" and uglyass cosplay. I gave up on the idea of having a serious discussion with americans on either anime or world matters.
On the actual note, I hope you do find people to share your fandom hopefully in a non-american, non-weaboo way
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Old 10th July 2012   #22
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Nah, it's okay. Yaoi fangirls have bad rep but not everyone is like that, there ARE some real gems out there though. Gouging out your eyes in a guro-like manner isn't enough. >_>

And my family lives in the US too so I know what you're saying. I definitely concur. I worked as a part-time customer support before with a credit card company in the us and I have tp say...I've gotten questions that would make you want to bang your head on the desk, repeatedly. But I also know a lot of awesome people there so I think it's really a person to person basis.

The majority though...............
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Old 11th July 2012   #23
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So once more: when do you want to meet up?!
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anime, chisinau, friends, moldova

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