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Originally Posted by BlackCross View Post
ohhhh thats so Dark Soulish .

Finished GoW: Ascension it is ok not the best in the series with a short campaign and quite a different Kratos , but MP part is made well done because it is what they are now doing is support the MultiPlayer with DLC .
The Last of US - simply best game of this generation!
GoW III . yeah it took me some time to get my hands on this one ) Best GoW game though first GoW was just astonishing. Dar prima lupta cu Poseidon in al 3lea GoW e ceva MEGA, nu m-am aspteptat la asa ceva .
Resistance 3 - its ok and not the best in the series.
Deus Ex : HR - quite good , the voice of Adam was great and the soundtrack is amazing!
Bayonetta - I mean she really is a *itch after all ! Though the game is great but fck PS3 Version sux balls x(

Playing :
R&C Tools of Destruction which is absolutely beautiful;

Child of Eden simply amazing since I love REZ and Lumines , this one combines beautiful image with amazing soundtrack, some is from Lumines and some easter eggs from REZ; Mizuguchi did a great job on this one, I would like to try it with Kinect sensor .

Saints Row the Third - crazy sh*t is out there!

in Waiting for: Ni No Kuni.
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