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Default Atari ST Game Sound FX Sample Archive?
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For a long time I've been sampling sound FX in games, but I wondered if there is an existing archive for Atari ST FX samples?I have been using Steem's sound recording function, then editing down each sample to normalise & steady the levels,but its very time consuming as I need to play the games in real time and be good at them in order to explore the whole library of sounds available, given the option I'm able to mute the game music also.I've searched around but couldn't see anything for game samples. I've made some tracks which use samples from better dead than alien, joust & a lot of other games. Some I found in sample packs such as joust as its a popular game, but it wasn't categorised, I just happened to recognise the same sample. Buggy boy uses samples I've heard elsewhere too but it'd be nice to find samples by the title of the games in order to locate them easy.
Perhaps theres an existing archive being built in process I could add my samples to? Or if not, maybe others sampling sound FX could make one between us?

Please help

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