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In Theory: Can Xbox One multi-platform games compete with PlayStation 4?


Completed :

R&C: Tools of Destruction - very beautiful and absolutely amazing Playstation Exclusive; I need to find next two sequels before the release of R&C: into Nexus.

Child of Eden - like Rez it does not have longevity in mind, but for those who want challenge , it may take some time to obtain 100% ; so i'm definitely goin' for 100%! Must play for those liking Rez and Lumines, ofc and for those who like Space Channel 5 , also made by Tetsuya Mizuguchi .


inFAMOUS 2 - fcking better in every way than 1st one though I liked the 1st one ; Collecting Blast Shards - noooooooooooooooot again !

Persona 3FES - what a classic! Even now it rockz balls. Can't wait to put my hands on 4th Persona.
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