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ECEHuH 5th July 2013 14:05

Soap Operas
Watched Game of Thrones, House, Heroes, Dexter, Smallville, Misfits. What should I watch next?

BlackCross 5th July 2013 16:52

Breaking Bad.

ziGGy 5th July 2013 17:04

Sopranos, Mad Men,The Walking Dead

BlackCross 5th July 2013 17:07


Originally Posted by ziGGy (Post 98971)
Sopranos, Mad Men,The Walking Dead

TWD e bun dar inconsistent, primele doua - absolutely.

Plus Boardwalk Empire, if you're into mob flicks.

PcholKa 5th July 2013 17:11


ECEHuH 5th July 2013 22:10


Originally Posted by ECEHuH (Post 98939)
Game of Thrones



it's sad, really

BlackCross 6th July 2013 01:55


ECEHuH 6th July 2013 08:30

This just breaks MY heart already. ;_;

BlackCross 9th July 2013 13:16

Martin's thoughts on the look of the Iron Throne

ECEHuH 9th July 2013 13:44


Originally Posted by BlackCross (Post 98973)
TWD e bun dar inconsistent, primele doua - absolutely.

Btw, I almost forgot, I actually watched the first season of the Walking Dead, but didn't feel like continuing because of poor writing, felt like the characters are just poor puppets in the hand of bad scriptwriters.