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ECEHuH 5th July 2013 15:30

Video games
Discuss what you have played, what you will play, upcoming games etc.

I have bought Max Payne 3, Dishonored, Bioshock 3 and Heart of the Swarm and I still play only OSU! and King's Bounty. Never even installed them. Am I missing out on the fun?

BlackCross 5th July 2013 17:06

Dishonored - one of the best games in years. If you can get past the outdated graphics that is...


Speaking of which, am trecut zilele astea Enslaved. Pretty good, desi se simte deja vechimea. Neasteptat sfarsit.

Acum joc Deadpool si Metro Last Light. Primul e haios dar slabut ca gameplay, al doilea e frumos insa cam plictisitor ca storyline.

Revolt 5th July 2013 19:27


Originally Posted by ECEHuH (Post 98942)
I have bought Bioshock 3


Dude I really want this game, where I can find it? Never knew about its existence.

ECEHuH 6th July 2013 08:29

Can buy it on steam, but on plati.ru you can buy keys with webmoney for more decent price.

BlackCross 12th July 2013 13:03

Or you can just pirate it, yarr!

OT: Playing American McGee's Alice 2 now. Superb art direction - mediocre gameplay, but the art direction makes up for the poor gameplay.




Revolt 14th July 2013 09:56

GTAV looks so much better than previous one. Sper sa fie mai interesant, GTA4 e meehh... But fck , in toamna apar atitea jocuri si bani multi nu exista as ca nu stiu daca-l voi procura day 1. La moment Beyond Two Souls , Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD si Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMiX sunt in my cart for buying right away )).

Plus: Bioshock: Infinite si Tomb Raider inc nu le-am trecut (( , mai este si Killer is Dead care apare in luna august. Si la sfirsitul anului Watch_Dogs, AC IV, Rayman Legends, + new gen of consoles PS4 + Killzone SF. Fcuk I'm gonna need shit load of money this fall:sigh:

BlackCross 14th July 2013 12:37

...or there's always piracy. :3

ECEHuH 14th July 2013 13:49

I don't like personally piracy because of modified software which can at best make you system unstable or cause it to crash completely, or at worst contains some malicious code to spy for sensitive data or turn your computer into a zombie for a botnet.

BlackCross 14th July 2013 14:01

That's true. You "pay" for the games by taking certain risks. On PC that is. Spre exemplu daca piratezi pe console risti doar cu banarea online, si daca o faci "cu cap" pai nu risti nici chiar cu asta.

Kratos 14th July 2013 22:34

I've just finished Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Freakin' awsm :loves: