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ECEHuH 5th July 2013 13:49

Technology thread
tech related questions, news in the field, discuss what you like what you don't

The new Fujitsu Haswell ultrabook with 3200x1800 resolution made me almost jizz my pants, too bad it costs now like 1950$, in Japan at least.


Lopata 5th July 2013 17:12

holy shit! that's a lot.. i wonder how much will the battery last

ECEHuH 10th July 2013 12:25

Lol sick modding



Lopata 22nd July 2013 23:24

thats a cool piece of hardware!

ECEHuH 23rd July 2013 16:17

I like the sapphire crystal glass display, and 128 GB of memory is cool for music (though I'm afraid the DAC will be shitty so bad audio quality)

Lopata 23rd July 2013 21:54

i wonder how the internet will fund $32mil.. thats crazy

ECEHuH 24th July 2013 14:21

If a lot of people give 830$ (already 500 gave) these money can be gathered. I think of taking the double edge package for 1400$. Saves almost 300$ on the phones.


Oh, shit! they lowered the price again, you can get a phone for 625$


Lopata 26th July 2013 18:52

that's some useful gadget to have.. no cables and shit

ECEHuH 2nd September 2013 20:06

Oferta interesanta de la Moldcell:


Din cite am inteles poti sa folosesti internetul lor cu orice dispozitiv cu wi-fi oriunde au acoperire.

BlackCross 2nd September 2013 22:47

Eu acum am trecut la pachetul asta a lor de 160 lei si acolo e net 2.5gb la 30 lei lunar.