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BlackCross 10th July 2013 03:00

Your Superhero Name
The color of your shirt + Object to your right = Your Superhero Name

Mine is... *drumroll* Green Pencil! :hero:

ECEHuH 10th July 2013 13:33

Black Mouse
Spoiler for :
Black Marcu's Coffee Discount Card

BlackCross 10th July 2013 14:23

How's their coffee btw?

ziGGy 11th July 2013 01:41

Brown Watch )

ECEHuH 11th July 2013 15:41


Originally Posted by BlackCross (Post 99051)
How's their coffee btw?

Not bad. A little more simple taste than if you go to a coffee shop and order for 50 lei, but it also costs 20-30 lei.

adrian1369 10th January 2016 19:02

White Chair