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kevinmanuel 4th April 2018 09:46

Wine + Counter-strike 1.6 lunch

My problem contain in starting cs 1.6.through wine shows up welcome screen but in the same time everything hangs up and there are no other options in menu. Steam starts correctly, works smooth. When cs 1.6 hangs up i can easily switch virtual desktop. Let me add that first time problem shows up today morning after update (really cant remember what i updated/upgraded but it was only one thing) .After all i wanted to check if everything is properly in the system i did format it and /on clean instalation / everything is the same. I have tried start it up at the older version wine but sadly that doesnt solve the problem. I request that anyone could give me any idea how to check or solve that error. I've been working with linux for a long time but my knowledge about emulate applications is slender .
I think that problem showed up after my terday's update packages but i dont remember what packages they were

Please help.

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