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BlackCross 25th April 2012 13:48

Changes question
If akiba were to be launched today (and not five years ago) - how would you like it to be? What other forums/sites/communities would you like it to be more like? Say if we redesigned it tomorrow - what would you prefer to see here?

Revolt 28th April 2012 00:14

I wanna be like this :

Carrot 28th April 2012 23:30


BlackCross 30th April 2012 11:26


Originally Posted by Carrot (Post 97436)

Well then, spread the word.

REDDEVIL 9th May 2012 17:35

I would like to see more news from anime/manga industry.

BlackCross 10th May 2012 00:57


Originally Posted by REDDEVIL (Post 97491)
I would like to see more news from anime/manga industry.

You can begin posting them. :3

narcoman 6th January 2013 21:40

Changing the width of the forum doesn't to anything, a new default design and header would actually add a sense of change. What happened to the old header contest anyway?

BlackCross 6th January 2013 21:47

It's a tweak, e mai comod de citit - eu imi dau seama ca "nu schimba nimic". Headerul va fi schimbat degraba.

Lopata 7th January 2013 10:42

are the old themes deleted?

BlackCross 7th January 2013 14:40

Not yet, why?