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Qwerty 26th September 2008 22:49

Kill the person above you!
Think of something for what you want to kill the person above you.

Because of this pointless thread

Because i hate buckethead

because he hates buckethead

'Cause I like my waffles dead.


ToXic_maiDen 26th September 2008 22:55

b-cuz i don't liek batman xP

Qwerty 26th September 2008 23:06

'Cause she have more post's than me

Digit 26th September 2008 23:13

Cuz you're a shinigami.

Qwerty 26th September 2008 23:15

cause i agree with him...and i HATE agreeing.

ziGGy 27th September 2008 14:50

because i feel like killing someone

BlackWing 27th September 2008 14:59

cuz I'm bored....

ziGGy 27th September 2008 15:02

cause of his engrish XD

Knives 27th September 2008 15:36

Cuz of his bloody avatar!!(i wanna have it too :( )

Hikaru 27th September 2008 16:04

cuz he's older than me :'(

Qwerty 27th September 2008 19:33

for the lolz

Revolt 27th September 2008 19:48

Cause His avatar

Ryuu 27th September 2008 20:10

cuz i wanna see the rest of his avatar

BlackWing 27th September 2008 20:39

cuz i wanna morrrrr blood! (It's not enough!)

Ryuu 27th September 2008 20:59

cuz he thinks im not bloody enough

Kratos 27th September 2008 21:06

Cuz I'll get more blood XD

Ryuu 27th September 2008 21:25

cuz he forgot about something

Kratos 27th September 2008 21:44

Cuz she won't tell me anyway XD

Digit 27th September 2008 22:15

Cuz he has a wicked ava

devil may cry 27th September 2008 22:23

Because I don't like his sig

ToXic_maiDen 27th September 2008 22:30

b'cuz.. she suppose to be present in my dream...but she wasn't X)

Kratos 27th September 2008 22:34

Bicoz she's supposed to be toxic, but... insted she's funny XDXD

Hikaru 27th September 2008 22:41

cuz she's a BOY
and she's older than me :(:'(

Digit 27th September 2008 22:45

Cuz he's my classmate

BlackWing 27th September 2008 22:46

Cuz he's older than me XD
and....m........Just for havin' fun! It's ilogical

ToXic_maiDen 27th September 2008 22:47

bcuz ...wtf? O.o

Hikaru 27th September 2008 22:48

cuz her previous post was stupid :)

Digit 27th September 2008 22:50

cuz...uh...i'm bored

BlackWing 27th September 2008 22:54


Originally Posted by Digit (Post 48232)
actually YOU're older.
cuz he got that wrong.

Cuz you are starting to annoy me!

Kratos 27th September 2008 22:55


Originally Posted by Hikaru (Post 48222)
cuz she's a BOY
and she's older than me :(:'(

This one is laughing XD
Did u ever saw "she's" pics in our faces ? XD

cuz he's short tempered and won't survive too long in this world X)

Digit 27th September 2008 22:55


Originally Posted by BlackWing (Post 48235)
Cuz you are starting to annoy me!

Damn, sorry i thought you were born in '93, my bad.
Cuz i screwed up...

Cuz he likes blooood :hi5:

Qwerty 27th September 2008 23:12

Cuz he retreats so easily

BlackWing 27th September 2008 23:18


Originally Posted by Digit (Post 48238)
Damn, sorry i thought you were born in '93, my bad.
Cuz i screwed up...

YUP! So i was right xd

Cuz his ava is so fucking

Ryuu 27th September 2008 23:21

cuz i dont understand her ava

BlackWing 27th September 2008 23:23

Cuz she named me ''HER''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryuu 27th September 2008 23:24

cuz hes not a girl XD

ziGGy 28th September 2008 16:09

cuz she's already inside me

Ryuu 28th September 2008 16:15

cuz im inside him

Kratos 28th September 2008 16:33


Originally Posted by Ryuu (Post 48317)
cuz im inside him

euîssubtaburetkă XDXD

'cuz i'm interested in the process of spilling and spreading the red substance :want: from and on her "no longer maiden" 's body XD

BlackWing 28th September 2008 16:41

Cuz i wanna be the silent hills kira! Me me! Then The worlds kira! Yeah!:want: