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BlackCross 5th May 2007 01:16

the GazettE

Gazette (Forma?ia mea preferata de J-Rock!!!), also pronounced Gazetto, is a J-Rock band of the Visual-Kei variety. The band was formed in early 2002 and is currently signed to PS Company, the label responsible for artists such as -miyavi- and Kagrra,. The band changed their name to the GazettE when they released their 2nd full album, NIL in february 2006.


Gazette was formed in February of 2002. The original line-up consisted of Ruki (vocals), Uruha (guitar), Aoi (guitar), Reita (bass), and Yune (drums). Their first single Wakaremichi was released on April 30, 2002 on the Matina label. On January 21, 2003, Yune decided to leave the band. It didn't take long to find another drummer and Kai (who is Yune's friend) joined Gazette several days later on February 1st. Exactly one month later, Gazette switched over to PS Company.


Ruki (Vocals & Guitar)
Uruha (Guitar)
Aoi (Guitar)
Reita (Bass)
Kai (Drums)


[2002.04.30] Wakaremichi
[2002.08.30] Kichiku Kyoushi -Dokushin 32-sai Dokushin- no nousatsu kouza
[2002.09.20] Gozen 0-ji no torauma RADIO
[2003.05.28] COCKAYNE SOUP
[2003.06.25] Akuyuutai
[2003.07.30] SUPER MARGARITA
[2004.07.28] Zakurogata no Yuutsu
[2004.07.28] ~Zetsu~
[2004.07.28] Miseinen
[2005.03.09] [Reila]
[2005.11.23] Dainippon itan geisha teki noumiso chuzuri zekkyou zekkei ongen shuu
[2005.12.07] Cassis
[2006.10.25] REGRET
[2006.11.01] Filth in the beauty
[2007.02.07] Hyena

[2003.10.01] Hankou Seimeibun
[2004.03.30] MADARA
[2004.10.13] Disorder
[2005.08.03] GAMA
[2006.02.08] NIL
[2006.05.03] Dainippon itan geisha teki noumiso gyakukaiten zekkyou ongen shuu

[2004.04.28] Tokyo Saipan JUDGMENT DAY
[2004.05.26] MADARA
[2004.08.25] Heiseibanka
[2005.04.17] STANDING TOUR 2005 FINAL [M.R.D]
[2006.06.07] FILM BUG I - music clip-collection of 2005
[2006.09.06] Standing Live Tour 2006 [Nameless Liberty. Six Guns...] Tour Final

the GazettE on torrentsmd.com

NOstro 5th May 2007 10:20

nice....listen soon :)

Narcisse 6th May 2007 01:13

Costa sa ascult?

BlackCross 6th May 2007 01:16


Originally Posted by Narcisse (Post 205)
Costa sa ascult?

Desigur, sunt preferaţii mei după DEG. :hero:

Narcisse 6th May 2007 01:32

Totusi DEG rup))

IuriSan 6th May 2007 21:29

NIL - ascult mai mult de 3 luni. cel mai ineresant nu pot sa ma satur :)

Neko 7th May 2007 15:48

Good old times... :flattered:
Prima trupa J-rock ( de asemenea preferata! ) pe care am ascultat-o si mi-a placut din prima, atat imaginea, cat si song-urile! ^.^ Cum am aflat de ea? *thinks* Cautam niste ost-uri si am dat peste niste cantece si am ramas placut impresionata...
Am mai privit apoi clipul "Miseinen" si mi-a placut enorm!:sweet:
"Cassis" imi place cel mai mult, piesa si video-ul, apoi "Filth in the Beauty".
the GazettE rocks!

SOCOL 8th May 2007 01:09

The GazettE's kicks asses! :shoot:

BlackCross 9th May 2007 15:49

the GazettE - Complete Music Video Collection :smoke:

BlackCross 21st July 2007 17:31